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How to Toddlers Show Frustration Preschooler

A frustrated toddler will give you clues about how she's feeling. Toddlers spend a significant amount of time exploring and learning new skills. As toddlers stay busy examining and questioning

How to Tie a Window Blind for Child Safety

Keep your baby safe by keeping window blind cords out of reach. Decorating your baby's or toddler's room with window blinds might not cross your mind as dangerous

How to Tie Balloon Animals for Kids

Delight your audience with simple balloon animals. Balloon animals are ideal crowd pleasers at parties and events. Learning how to make balloon animals requires some practice

How to Test Internet Speed and Ways You Can Boost Your Speeds

Have you ever done an internet speed test? Do you know if your bandwidth is exactly what you pay for?

How to Teach the Right Brained Child to Read

Don't bore your creative child with inactivity. When you have a right-brained child, getting him to sit down and focus is one thing -- teaching him to read is a different story altogether.

How to Teach the Concept of Uniqueness to Preschoolers

Equip your kids with tolerance skills so they can relate with anyone. The idea that everyone is unique and special is an important concept for little minds to grasp. Because diversity exists everywhere

How to Teach the Concept of Rain to Toddlers

Make rain fun to teach your little one simple science concepts. When the skies open and the rain pours down, your first inclination might not be singing in the rain when you’re cooped up inside

How to Teach a Toddler to Sign More

Siblings will sign together to communicate. We all want our toddlers to start talking to us more, but what if they haven't reached that stage of development?

How to Teach a Toddler to Hold Their Breath Under the Water

Count to three and encourage your toddler to take the plunge. With your toddler's Coast Guard-approved safety vest in hand, you lead your anxious little swimmer into a nearby lake

How to Teach a Toddler to Button

Practice with big buttons at first. So you want your toddler to learn how to button? This is a milestone children reach on average at age 3

How to Teach a Toddler About the Rain

Help your child learn where rain comes from. “It’s raining. It’s pouring. The old man is snoring ..." Although the magic of a rainy day may have been lost to you years ago

How to Teach a Four Year Old

A 4 year old learns effectively through play. A 4 year old’s mind is ripe for learning. He's curious about everything and has the energy of a caffeinated squirrel,

How to Teach a Colorblind Child

Your colorblind child needs you to tailor your teaching to him. Color is a commonly used learning tool. Color-coded notebooks are used to organize subjects. Worksheets feature bright red apples and yellow bananas.

How to Teach a Child to Talk

Talk to kids as often as possible to encourage speech development. You've probably been dreaming of your child being able to speak to you since you first laid eyes on that adorable mouth.

How to Teach a Child to Be Gracious when They Lose

Game-playing can teach important life skills. If winning rocks and losing stinks, kids are going to need some help coping when they lose. Everybody wants to win

How to Teach a 4 Year Old Motor Skills

Motor skills are the ability to control the body's movements. You've likely been in a constant state of amazement at the physical skills your little one has been learning since the day he was born.

How to Teach a 4 Year Old About Childhood Diabetes

Show your child how to cook sugar-free treats. Teaching your 4-year-old child about diabetes requires a certain finesse. You don't want to alarm him, but at the same time

How to Teach Your Children Well

Your time and attention go a long way to helping your child develop. "Teach your children well" echoes over the radio waves from Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, and it testifies to the intense desire parents

How to Teach Your Child to Walk

Helping your toddler walk is fun for her but not necessarily productive. You can't make your toddler walk on your timetable

How to Teach Your Child to Swim

Solid swimming skills will serve a child throughout a lifetime. Some kids seem part amphibian with the way they take to water. If your little one enjoys splashing in the pool

How to Teach Your Child Self Respect

Children with healthy self respect have more confidence. In school you might have called them “teacher’s pet” or “goody-goodies” out of jealousy, since they were well liked by both adults and other kids

How to Teach Toddlers the Importance of Money

Teaching your toddler the value of money can be a challenge, but you can do it. "Lookie!" your 2 year old cries, pointing to a commercial for a light-up pillow that's popped up while she's watching her favorite cartoon.

How to Teach Toddlers the Dangers of Running Towards or in the Street

Keep up with your tot for safety sake. A toddler moving from here to there can present a challenge for any mom. When that movement involves darting into the street,

How to Teach Toddlers Spanish

Bilingual books help toddlers learn a second language. The best time to teach your child to speak a second language is during the toddler years, according to The Linquist List

How to Teach Toddlers Responsible Citizenship

Train your toddler to become a responsible citizen. It may seem impossible to take your self-centered, tantrum-throwing toddler and teach him responsible citizenship

How to Teach Toddlers Not to Eat Candy

Just because your toddler wants candy doesn't mean you should give it to her on a regular basis.

How to Teach Social Skills to Children with Behavior Problems

Playing cooperatively is a skill that comes more naturally to some children than others. You’ve heard all the horror stories of children who hit their peers, refuse to share toys or interrupt when others are talking

How to Teach Rubber Stamping to Children

Enjoy the art of rubber stamping with your child. It is a craft that is simple enough for children as young as age 2.

How to Teach Right Handed Children How to Tie Their Shoelaces

By age 5, your child is probably ready to tie that shoe. You probably remember learning how to tie your shoelaces when you were about 5 years old, but fewer kids today seem to be mastering the skill at that age.

How to Teach Responsibility with a Piggy Bank

Choose a traditional piggy bank or any other saving's tool. The last time you looked in the mirror, you were pretty sure the letters “ATM” weren't tattooed on your forehead

How to Teach Preschoolers About Seashells

Hit the beach for an endless supply of seashells for your activity. Like pretty much all other small objects, most toddlers likely consider seashells simply fun things to throw (or put in their mouths)

How to Teach Preschoolers About Owls

Owls hunt for food at night and sleep during the day. Owls. They're mysterious. They're nocturnal. They hoot. They can turn their heads almost all the way around. Many preschoolers are fascinated by owls

How to Teach Preschoolers About Obeying Authority

Give your little one the tools to listen to authority figures. It probably goes without saying, but preschoolers have minds of their own. In fact, your little one might be adorable

How to Teach Preschoolers About Nutrition

Fruit is a healthier snack for kids than a candy bar. If you want your kids to grow up eating their veggies, establish healthy eating patterns while they're young. Busy lives sometimes necessitate a trip

How to Teach Preschoolers About Coins & Dollar Bills

Teach the concept of coins and dollar bills to preschoolers. It's not just adults who are obsessed with money -- looking at money, counting money, playing with the way coins feel in the palm.

How to Teach Prayers to Preschoolers

Many children say grace and bedtime prayers. “Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep,” your preschooler recites. Part of sharing your faith with your child is teaching her to pray.

How to Teach Morals to Children

Giving children responsibilities helps them build character. Toddlers and preschoolers may look sweet as pie, but as every mom knows, their behavior isn't always so innocent and adorable.

How to Teach Kids the Consequences of Fighting with Younger Kids

Learning the consequences of fighting is the first step to stopping it. Kids often resort to fighting to get their feelings across, usually because they lack the skills to express themselves in more adult ways.

How to Teach Honesty to Preschoolers

A parent's dishonesty can teach children to be dishonest themselves. Your tyke starts to explain what happened at preschool

How to Teach Fire Safety to a Child

Teaching fire safety doesn't have to be complicated. It's never too early to teach your child about fire safety. In fact, can you imagine how easy it is for a toddler to start a fire?

How to Teach Empathy to Preschool Children

Model compassionate behaviors to help your child learn empathy. Somewhere between your infant’s completely self-absorbed cries for a diaper change and the selfless adult

How to Teach Children to Put Feelings Into Words

Your young toddler can't tell you that she's sleepy instead of hungry. Little ones can't always describe their feelings and this is a prime cause of meltdowns. Who hasn't been on the receiving end of a tantrum brought on by the frustration of not being

How to Teach Children to Manage Money

Teach siblings to work together toward mutual money goals. Your child may be too young to ride a bike, tie her shoe laces or cross the street on her own, but she's never too young to learn about managing money.

How to Teach Children to Be Friends with Others

Friendships don't always come naturally. If play times always bring cries of "that's mine" and "he hit me," don't despair. Your preschooler is not a social disaster.

How to Teach Children to Appreciate Art

Children learn to express themselves through art at an early age. If you had the privilege of taking an early morning Art History class in college, then you know that flipping through slides of artwork while trying to memorize

How to Teach Children What to Do if They Get Lost

Make a plan before leaving home to ensure everyone returns home together. It happens everyday — children getting lost in public places.

How to Teach Children Not to Step on Caterpillars

Make sure this caterpillar doesn't meet an untimely demise. Despite their fuzzy cuteness, caterpillars seem to be a prime target for little feet. They do make a delightful

How to Teach Children Not to Pout to Get Their Way

Don't give in to that face. You have to admit, kids really do get creative when they want something. Some throw temper tantrums mid-shopping trip

How to Teach Children Not to Be Jealous of One Another

Do your children seem jealous of each other? When your little one sees you holding a new baby, the fires of jealousy can burn bright. Do you have a child who seems jealous

How to Teach Children According to Their Interests

Let your child lead you to the best tools and materials for teaching her. Some children act as though they have no interest in learning anything -- but the real problem may be they have no interest in what you're trying to teach them.